Video Telehealth Software for Manual Therapy

Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), Coviu is the recommended video telehealth platform for manual therapists, powering simple, secure and feature-rich video consultations. 

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Live waiting area replicates brick and mortar workflows


AI diagnostic tools to enhance your video consultations and patient experience


Easy to use: simply send a link to your client and wait for them in your private, virtual room


practitioners use Coviu in their practices across Australia

Provide Quality, Remote Physiotherapy Care with Telehealth

Coviu is a telehealth platform that allows physiotherapists to provide sessions to their patients regardless of their physical location. Whether a person is unwell, vulnerable, travelling or unable to come to your clinic for some other reason, you can continue providing quality physiotherapy services.

Coviu allows you to share resources and use the interactive whiteboard feature to explain the exercises and stretches you talk them through. Coviu integrates with practice management software and allows you to provide clinical assessments and manage billing, including Medicare and insurance, all without leaving the platform.

Clinical Tools Tailored To Your Needs.

Achieve more with your calls using powerful add-ons



Coviu's artificial intelligence algorithm to measure range of motion remotely is currently undergoing clinical trials.



The Medipass Coviu add-on allows healthcare providers to easily determine patient eligibility, raise insurance claims and process patient card payments entirely online from the Coviu platform.



On-demand video interpretation.


Share Images, Documents, Videos & Screens

Enhance your video consultations, by sharing results, interactive assessment forms, educational videos and other resources from within a Coviu call.



Coviu integrates with Practice Management Software including MediRecords, Clinic to Cloud, Nookal, Halaxy, Acuity Scheduling.


Text-only Sessions

'Snapchat for Health'- a new way to reach patients.


Health Engine

Integrate your telehealth and face-to-face bookings using our HealthEngine integration. Supports over 21 of the market-leading practice management systems.


My Health 1st

Acquire new patient bookings through the MyHealth1st Marketplace, and enable your existing Coviu bookings to be fully integrated into your practice management software.

No credit card required

Is a phone call really good enough?

It might seem easier sometimes just to pick up the phone. After all, everybody knows how to use one, right? Although it might feel like the easiest option, a phone consultation means you miss out on many crucial pieces of non-verbal information.

Video telehealth allows you to:

  • Get more accurate diagnoses with a visual inspection
  • Spot symptoms your patients don’t even realise are significant
  • Build stronger rapport with your patients
  • Securely share documents, scans, and test results
  • Gauge physical and emotional reactions
  • Send scripts directly to your patients’ pharmacy

The benefits of using Coviu for video calls far outweigh the simplicity of picking up the phone. It takes minutes to get started with Coviu, and your patients don’t have to log in, sign up, or download anything!

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The Coviu Difference

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Private and secure

HIPAA Compliant, and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) ensures your data is always safe & secure.

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Works on Any Device

Coviu has you covered on any iOS, Android, Mac, Linux or PC ‎device.

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Proudly Australian

Spun out of the CSIRO in 2018, Coviu has always been Australian owned and operated.

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Easy for Patients

No downloads, installations or account creation required. Patients just click a link and connect!

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Amazing Support

We are here to support you 18 hours / day through our live chat.

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Keep Your Staff Safe

Help stop the spread. Adopt remote care wherever possible, to protect your staff.

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