Coronavirus and Telehealth

Keeping you and your patients safe during the COVID-19 outbreak

Coronavirus is spreading quickly. With 500+ confirmed cases in Australia and a rising mortality rate, it's time to consider how telehealth can protect you and your patients from COVID-19.


  • Protect healthcare providers from unnecessary contact with infected patients

  • Keep healthy people out of hospitals and waiting rooms

  • Free up hospital beds for more severe coronavirus patients




Telehealth allows for:

✔️Screening possible coronavirus patients through online video consultations

✔️Healthy patients to access new scripts, test results, referrals and more. 

✔️Eligible patients in inpatient rehabilitation to convert to an outpatient program.

✔️Patients with mild symptoms to be managed from their own homes.


Coviu’s all-in-one solution


Security and Privacy: end-to-end encryption

Support 18 hours a day, 7 days a week

Built-in payment gateway

Complete white-labelling abilities 

In-call clinical tools

Integrations with PMS and calendars


Book a Coviu demo and we’ll provide you a special discount code and some suggestions on how to introduce video consultations into your routine.


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MBS Coronavirus Items

New reimbursements have been introduced to help protect at-risk groups, as well as patients and practitioners in self isolation. 

New MBS Items

Check out our detailed FAQ page for more information.